Product Feature Matrix

Core Features

With 360-degree AI-driven Sales, Demographics & Business Forecasting and Predictive Analytics for the Retail Energy Industry, The PlugExpAI platform propels your Sales Organization to the next level.

Bleeding Edge AI-Driven Forecasting

Our unrivaled bleeding edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) catalyzes your organization to revolutionize forecasting in the Sales & Inventory Realms.

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Targeting Customers with Predictive Analytics

PlugExpAI unique Predictive Analytics Products enables your organization to target specific customers that are more likely to become loyal after the life of a Promotional Offer.

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Next Generation Offer Optimization

PlugExpAI gives your Sales Organization Wings: Send the customized offers to potential customers: The right ones that, they are highly likely to consume.

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Longer Lasting Impact

With PlugExpAI’s state-of-the-art AI, your organization gets to establish longer lasting Sales Impact on your customers, taking your competitive edge to a whole new level.

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Life Time Customers

PlugExpAI bleeding edge Machine Learning (ML) algorithms assists your organization in converting one-time deal hunters to potentially life time customers with highly targeted customized offers.

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Boosted ROI like Never Before

PlugExpAI catalyzes your Sales Organization to drive it to potential loyal customers, significantly enhancing the Return On Investment (ROI)

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